The CRASH-3 races storm ahead!

It’s all change since our last race update as teams rally together to finish their last packs and fight for the top positions in their heat! Check out the race updates below:

The following teams are currently in the lead in GOLD MEDAL position! Congratulations teams- could you win the race soon by using all your packs?!


The following teams are quickly catching up and could be on track to overtake the current leaders:

BUT none of the positions are secure so the fight for the top positions continues! Keep up the momentum teams- we can’t waste any packs! We believe in you!  All team GO, GO, GOOO! Look at your progress in the heats below:




Race Heat 1:

Race Heat 2:

Race Heat 3:

Race Heat 4:

Race Heat 5:

Race Heat 6:

Race Heat 7:

Race Heat 8:

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