After 7 years of international collaboration, we are delighted to be sharing with you the CRASH-3 trial results.

The CRASH-3 trial is the first evidence of a drug which can prevent death following Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). Tranexamic Acid (TXA) is a safe, low cost, and widely available drug which could prevent deaths from TBI by as much as 20% depending on severity of the injury.

Listen below to hear more about CRASH-3 and how TXA could be a potentially life-saving treatment. Pam Foley suffered a TBI after falling off her bike and was asked to participate in the CRASH-3 trial - hear her story below.

“Why wouldn’t you give it?”

– Prof Tony Belli, trauma neurosurgeon and co-investigator on the CRASH-3 trial discussing the benefits of TXA for patients with TBI.

Find out more from the CRASH-3 study publication in The Lancet and follow the links below for news articles and podcasts:

UK press releases:

International press releases:



Interested to know how TXA works in the body? Our friendly canines can explain it to you…

For further explanation of the rationale, statistics and significance of the CRASH-3 trial results watch the below presentations as given by Prof Ian Roberts along with the accompanying slides below.

Prof Roberts presenting at the World Congress of Intensive Care, Melbourne:

Prof Ian Roberts explaining the CRASH-3 trial results in Malaysia:

For more information about the trial and for the results presented in animation form please watch the video below.