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Remember: Every minute counts

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Traumatic Brain Injury
is a global problem

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The CRASH-3 trial is a
step towards progress

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A global collaboration

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The trial in numbers

finish 12734 Patients randomised

1811  Total number of patients randomised in the Golden hour to date

finishRecruitment closed on the 31 January 2019, well done. Thanks so much for all your hard work!!!


Every minute counts
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12,734 patients recruited

28 recruiting countries

171 hospitals and medical centres


The CRASH3 trial aims to provide the research based information to prevent death by Traumatic Brain Injury.

The CRASH3 trial is testing whether tranexamic acid, a blood clot stabiliser that was discovered in Japan in the 1950’s, can become an essential tool for fighting excessive bleeding in the brain after Traumatic Brain Injury.

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If you were a patient randomised into this trial and would like further information about your treatment, click below.

The staff at the hospital where you were being treated for your traumatic brain injury should have given you an information leaflet about the CRASH3 trial. If you have any questions or concerns about your treatment in the hospital, please contact your doctor in the first instance.

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