The marathon is over…THE SPRINT TO THE FINISH IS ON!

CRASH-3 collaborators have randomised 11,800 patients – the biggest head injury study EVER.

Today 43 teams in 17 countries are on their final CRASH-3 drug box!

The 6 year marathon is over. The countdown to the finish is on. The final sprinters have been chosen for the race to the finish for the final 5.5 months of CRASH-3!

Teams on their final box will race against fellow collaborators all over the world to use up their final drug box and win their heat! We will regularly update the races and the leader board.

To reach our 13,000 patient target all treatment packs need to be used up.

Every single pack is an opportunity to enrol a patient and learn about the effectiveness and safety of tranexamic acid.

AND THE 7 HEATS ARE IN (see races below and find your team in the table)……

So remember: EVERY ELIGIBLE PATIENT COUNTS. Go for gold!

Take your marks.

Get set.



Race Heat 1:

Race Heat 2:

Race Heat 3:

Race Heat 4:

Race Heat 5:

Race Heat 6:

Race Heat 7:

Race Heat 8:

Find your Race Heat number:

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