Tuanku Fauziah, Malaysia

Dr Ida and the team recently randomised their 50th patient! They share why they decided to join the trial.

Conducting Industrial Sponsored Research is one of the required parameters for any Specialist Hospital in Malaysia. We started the process of joining the trial only in 2015 after receiving an invitation letter from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. We had no experience in clinical trials at all, however we've decided to learn the whole process anyway. We were glad that our site had been chosen to run the trial even though our hospital is quite small. 

The CRASH-3 Trial is the first international randomized controlled trial conducted in our hospital. Our Clinical Research Center is so excited with the trial. It’s an opportunity for us to systematically learn the best practice of conducting research. The fact that the trial findings will help many head injury patients, makes us persevere with recruitment. - Principal Investigator, Dr Ida Zaliza Zainol Abidin

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