A record breaking 25 minutes from injury from Iraq!

News of the first patient at Rojhelat Emergency Hospital, Iraq - a record breaking 25 minutes from injury...

The victim was a pedestrian, hit just 2-3km from the hospital, brought in immediately by the same car that had hit the patient. The driver confirmed the time of the accident was exactly 8:30am, and the time we received the patient was 8:50am. The trauma room team was made up of 3 medical nurses, 1 junior doctor, and 2 SHOs of Emergency Medicine (Dr Dara and Dr Safwat) along with me. After rapid assessment that the patient was eligible, I asked our professional medical nurse (Abas Ali) to administer the loading dose of our first CRASH-3 treatment pack. 2 wide bore cannula were already fixed and the treatment pack opened at exactly at 8:55am, then at 9:00am the 10 minute loading dose was started. The patient was transferred to Dr Qadamkhear Hama and Dr Zhyar SHO in the Neurosurgery Department of nearby Rozhawa Hospital (also part of CRASH-3), who ensured the full maintenance dose was given.

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