Total number randomised:

10767 patients

Total number randomised in the Golden Hour in 2018:

67 patients

 (last updated 16/03/2018)

  • First patient at Chitwan Medical, Nepal!

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  • Our recent recruitment milestones.

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  • Golden Hour patients recruited globally.

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  • The CRASH-3 trial is being conducted to assess the effect of tranexamic acid on risk of death or disability in patients with Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI).  TBI can cause bleeding in the brain. If left to continue, it can create pressure that can lead to further damage that will result in death or permanent disability. By conducting this trial we are collecting important evidence to help determine if tranexamic acid is an effective treatment for patients with TBI. 

    The CRASH-3 trial is inspired by the results of the CRASH-2 trial. The CRASH-2 trial showed that tranexamic acid, an affordable and heat stable drug, reduced death due to bleeding and had the most beneficial effect when administered as soon as possible after injury.